The site presents both public domain artworks and works that are protected by copyright. The last ones are posted on the site in accordance with fair use principle, because:
  1. they are historically significant artworks;
  2. the images are only being used for informational and educational purposes;
  3. the image are readily available on the internet;
  4. the images are low resolution copies of the original artworks and are unsuitable for commercial use.
If you are the copyright holder of the work of art used for and do not agree that its use on the site is in accordance with the fair use principle, please contact us byemail
Follow the updates on the website through twitter and facebook allows unlimited copying, distributing and displaying of the images of public domain artworks solely. We use here Copyright term based on authors' deaths according to U.S. Copyright Law, that is 70 years. In other countries, the duration of copyright term may differ. Please check here copyright length according to your country's legislation before you consider reproducing images borrowed from